International Diversity Festival (IDF) challenge and develop an understanding of equality, diversity and multiculturalism in the UK. The theme of the festival is “Unite, Embrace and Grow”

The IDF team are very excited to share the planned programme of events with a varied range of activities which aim to give the participants a unique opportunity to learn and experience different cultures. The theme of “Unite, Embrace and Grow” aims to connect communities and groups and highlight how different groups can continue to flourish through adversity.

With the participation of many countries, without any profit motive, this huge event will be filled with entertainement, networking opportunities, talks, dance shows, a large variety of ethnic foods, music and so much more!

The whole event will be free of charge to our guests but booking will be essential.

IDFL Objectives

To recognise the outstanding social and economic contributions of Minority Ethnic businesses, professionals, individuals, social enterprises and change-makers who have demonstrated leadership, innovation, creativity and survival skills in business operation and community development.

To promote and support communities to participate in Arts, Cultural and Heritage activities and to make use of this medium as a tool to promote social inclusion and community cohesion.

To create networking opportunities for individuals, professionals, businesses and social enterprises to foster strong cross-cultural and interfaith connections and maintain ongoing relationships.

To promote the social, cultural and economic benefits of cultural diversity, and to celebrate and embrace our vibrant multicultural diversity in the UK.

Target Audience

Multicultural festivals for groups with different ethnic backgrounds represent the cultural specialties providing sustenance to such groups and ultimately promote the continuation of custom, tradition, and culture. These provide a common platform to the community, therefore bringing manifold aspects and diverse features of minorities’ lifestyle and unifying them.

International Diversity Festival London will provide minority groups with a place for cultural community celebration, drawing on people’s memories and experiences of their birthplace, and reaffirming community and culture – and from this point of view, our target auidence stated as follows:

• Over 10 different government agency and public enterprise
• Over 50 Minority Ethnic businesses and enterprises across UK and beyond
• Over 800 individuals and professional members of our Communities



Mustafa Aydın

General Director

Sunil Chopra


Husamettin Tas

Director and General Manager

Melis Aydın


Ali Riza Bozdag

Company Secretary and General Coordinator/Advisor